The reason to not see certain films is because the producers are more and more inserting scenes that are unforgettable because they leave scars in your energetic body. The scars of shock and horror cannot be removed, and the experience that causes the scars in you destroys your matrix. That is why you remember it and can still feel it. Your matrix is destroyed, so you become more dumb and less conscious.

Something similar happens when you do computer sex. You get contaminated. The impressions from the computer go so deeply into your mind and nervous system that they destroy your ability to have delightful sex with a real human partner. It takes a year of cold turkey - not watching any porno at all - to get your mind clean enough to have sex with a warm-blooded human being. Think about this, guys... 

Modern people these days are so numb they may seek shocking films just to be able to feel something.

But these films are not for you. In Possibility Management we are lowering the Numbness Bar, not raising it. There are many, many films out there that can do damage.

Please be extremely careful about whose film recommendations you follow.

If you know of any other films that leave scars, please list them here. This is a Wiki. You have the power to edit!

However, please do not be explicit about what in the film leaves the scar or you might make scars in people while warning them not to get scars!


Apocalypto (in deutsch Apocalypto) made by Mel Gibson

Dark Knight with Heath Ledger, who committed suicide with drugs after playing his role as the Joker in this film.

Dead Man Walking with Sean Penn

Passion of the Christ (in deutsch Die Passion Christi) made by Mel Gibson

Patriot with Mel Gibson

Searching for Private Ryan with Tom Hanks Rob Roy with Liam Neesen

Silence Of The Lambs, or any of the films where Anthony Hopkins plays his Hannibal character.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (with Matt Damon)

Texas Chainsaw  (or anything with "chainsaw" in the title)