Presentation Navdanya 03

Map of First and Second Copernican Revolutions being presented in India.

A story in the making...

Georg PollittEdit

Georg Pollitt from Switzerland has been planning his Third World Travel edgework experiment since months as part of his Possibility Lab Homework. He has packed almost nothing, and connected with Volker Augustyniak of the Hohm Sahaj Mandir Triveni Ashram in the bustling Shiva Temple town of Tiruvanammalai which surrounds the base of Mount Arunachula like a slow motion tidal wave.

Just days before his departure we get an email at the Next Culture Research &
Presentation Navdanya 01

Johanna Unger's presentation at Navdanya University.

Training Center from Auroville in India: "Hello! Where can I do Expand The Box training? My friend has told me all about it and I want to do it." We hooked Georg and the requester together and it looks like sometime in December Georg will deliver an ETB training in Krishna Forest! He is packing his four color Edding 800 felt pens!

11 December 2013 Update: The first ever Expand The Box training in India will take place Saturday 21 to Tuesday 24 December 2013 in Sadhana Forest, Auroville The Trainer? Georg Pollitt. Contact persons: Janina and Jamey, phone: +91-413-267768-2 or -3, or +91-413-2902655. The cost? This is a private training, only open for Sadhana Forest volunteers who work at least 4 weeks 25 hours each week doing water conservation, soil management, and reforestation of 35 hectares of rare indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (for volunteer information please see According to Jamey there is a lot of interest for this training. There could be upwards of 60 participants. We only have one message for Georg and that is: Harbigarrr!

Johanna Unger
Presentation Navdanya 02

Johanna Unger's presentation at Navdanya University.


Johanna has been studying at the Navdanya University in India and just returned there for a short while. They asked her to deliver a presentation of what she has been learning, and amongst other things she explained about the First and Second Copernican Revolutions, using a photo of one of our flipchart maps to illustrate her discussion. A film was made and many people participated in the event, as you can see in the photos.

Johanna even took photos of the Radiant Joy Brilliant Love  and Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings books that had been donated to the Navdanya Library, revealing that they are already showing signs of being well read.

Navdanya library

Possibility Management book on the library shelf of an Indian University.

Aurovalley library

Johanna Unger saw the Possibility Management books in India.