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This wiki is the distinction marketplace for sharing the ever-evolving open-code thoughtware from the context of Possibility Management.

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It turns out that if you "get" Possibility Management, you are responsible for sharing it. So jump right in, share what you've discovered so far, and don't be afraid to try out new edgework experiments!

This Wiki expresses a commitment to helping each other upgrade our thoughtware, to shift from the capitalist patriarchal empire which is annihilating life on Earth at the fastest possible rate, to regenerative archearchal thoughtware, where archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborate with archetypally initiated adult men. As you start to share this possibility with others you become a Bridge Builder. Being a Bridge may be an expression of your Archetypal Lineage.

Possibility Management is based on radical responsibility, the source code for archearchy, which is the culture that naturally emerges after matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course.

You can learn more about these ideas in the books: Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, and Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, both by Clinton Callahan. These books are also available in German.

This work is dedicated to the love of Earth.

Thank you for playing full out! This puts you on the Learning Team!

Clinton Callahan

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