This Possibility Management Wiki will probably be most useful for Possibility Trainers while preparing for trainings or workshops, and for spaceholders of Possibility Teams seeking ideas for their next meeting.

Expanded and updated information from this Wiki is now online spread-out through the bubble-net of websites. is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-transformation thoughtware-upgrade game.

The menu of websites is online at

Have Fun! And be sure to set up your free account and record your Matrix Points!

Together we are upgrading the thoughtware in the human morphogenetic field so that we have a future. You can start doing that with us today, even before breakfast!
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1. Welcome Page

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Possibility Management News StoriesEdit

Here are funny and touching stories of happenings in the Possibility Management Gameworlds.

For latest news, please subscribe to the Possibility Management newsletter at, and the newsletters from individual Possibility Management Trainers' websites.

PLab Core Initiations - Which have you done?Edit

List of PLab Core Initiations

Possibility Team Possibilities / MöglichkeitenEdit

Here you have a wealth of ideas and instructions for a wide variety of matrix-building edgework experiments for your Possibility Team. There are so many things to look forward to discovering each week.

Deutsch Possibility Team Möglichkeiten

English Possibility Team Possibilities List (revised 25 February 2014 by Clinton Callahan)

Possibility Lab (PLab) Possibilities / MöglichkeitenEdit

Deutsch PLab Möglichkeiten-Liste

English PLab Possibilities List (revised 11 December 2013 by Clinton Callahan)

Possibility Management Study MaterialsEdit

Here are lists of recommended study materials for building matrix in your energetic body to hold more consciousness.


a. Deutsch Films to See

b. English Films to See

2. List of Films TO AVOID SEEING because they leave scars in your energetic body and destroy matrix

a. Filme, die man NICHT ANSCHAUEN soll

b. English Films to AVOID SEEING


a. Deutsche Büche zu lesen

b. English Books To Read

4. Link to silent English Video List of 150 Intitiatory Processes

Possibility Management ProcessesEdit

Here are instructions for some of the many hundreds of smaller processes that are, for the most part, not often included in Expand The Box trainings or Possibility Labs, yet which are extremely useful for building matrix. These can be done in small group settings such as Possibility Team, Rage Club, Adventure Feelings, or workshops. Feel free to use any of these with your people.

1. Commitment Cleanup


Possibility Management ThoughtmapsEdit

These are either Flipchart Maps or Printed Maps

- Flipchart Maps, photos of examples of hand drawn thoughtmaps for training spaces


1. FLIPCHART Map of Four Brains

2. FLIPCHART Map of Possibility



- Printed Maps, useful for books, articles, or websites.







Possibility Management Glossary of Terms Edit

Updated version of Glossary is online at the DISTINCTIONARY

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Suggested Key Words and Tags for your ArticlesEdit

Here are suggested standard Key Words and Tags that you can add to your blog posts, articles, comments, etc. so that when people are searching the internet with Google etc. they can more easily find the work of possibility management. Certain terms should become "universal words" that do not get translated, such as gremlin, possibility management, and Expand The Box.

Words like next culture, archearchy, low drama, high drama, bright principles, etc. should be translated into the local language.

1. English Key Words and Tags (revised 11 December 2013 by Clinton Callahan)

2. deutsche Stichworte und Tags (revised 10 December 2013 by Heidrun Schmidt)

3. Portuguese Key Words and Tags


Alternative News WebsitesEdit

1. List of Alternative News Websites for English Articles

2. List of Alternative News Websites for German Articles

Website Text for TrainingsEdit

1. Expand The Box Description Text - English

1. Expand The Box Text - Deutsch

2. Possibility Lab Description Text - English

2. Possibility Lab Text - Deutsch

3. General Text - English

3. General Text - Deutsch

Especially For TrainersEdit

1. Basic PLab Structure

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